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Somethin' Else

A Reproduction of the Gilbert 16-30 Decked Sailing Canoe

16-30 sail emblem

Dating back to the late 1800's, the 16-30 class canoe is a canoe sailing thoroughbred. Defined by its dimensions, 16' long and 30" beam, a 16-30 class canoe typically carries 90 square feet of sail area divided between two sails. Evolving from the early days of the American Canoe Association, these decked canoes were originally designed for cruising, being used with a combination of sail and paddle; these canoes were typically 14 to 15 feet in length. As focus turned more to racing, the 16-30 canoe was settled upon as the "ideal" racing canoe.

Somethin' Else is based on an original built by the Gilbert Boat Company for the Gananoque Canoe Club This modernized version was developed by John Summers, Chief Curator at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY, from measurements and drawings of the original in the collection of Heritage Toronto. Where the original was built of Spanish cedar planking with an elaborate system of trusses to give it structural strength, this version utilizes stitch-and-glue plywood construction, simplifying the building process for the amateur and keeping it affordable. Plans will be available at the Antique Boat Museum in the summer of 2007.

Stormy Skyes

Stormy Skyes, built and being sailed by Dan Sutherland, is the first hull built to this new design. Photo John Summers.

Plans are to have at least one 16-30 regatta each year, presently we are planning to have one during the Antique Boat Show in Clayton in August 2007. Class rules will loosely follow Rule IV of the ACA from 1930, with arbitrary changes made an ad hoc committee each year, over pizza and beer.

Some more shots of Stormy Skyes. Click on the thumbnails to see larger photos. Photos Credits: left - Lynn Miller, Center and Right, Daniel Miller.

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Vintage Photographs

Hard chine decked sailing canoes, probably built by Gilbert, lined up on a dock at an ACA meet on Sugar Island. Source: Schoettle, E.J. 1928. Sailing Craft. The MacMillen Company.

The Original Gilbert 16-30
Somethin' Else